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Are you there?

You are lying there
Looking serene
I can hear your voice
Sense your presence even
But are you really there?

The kids run around and the door slams
Instinctively, we think "Don't slam doors, Ah Kong will scold!"
We look around for a warning glance but see none.
The sisters laugh and cackle and we can see Ah Kong smiling from ear to ear, laughing along even.
We look for him, but he's nowhere to be seen.
His presence is near,
and yet are you really here?

Today is the day we say goodbye,
Rituals and customs don't mean much,
The time together was too short.
Where has it all gone?

We will miss you much,
But I can only speak for myself.
The father who has always accepted me, no matter past or present.
 The father who braved Cantonese, the only medium of communication between Hokkien and English.
The grandpa who loved my children despite the language barriers,
But love requires no words.
His actions were loud enough.

If I could turn back time, we would hav…

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